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giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Elemental Beauty (Part 1 Eyeshadows, ENG)

Since last year...

I'm trying to use (on me and my models) only Mineral Makeup...

So today, let's talk about the brand ELEMENTAL BEAUTY.

Here you are the MINERAL LASTING PIGMENTS review.

But let the picture speaks...!

(1.5 g Jar, wet-dry swatch)

*Olive/gold shimmer is the METEOR one.
(The swatch from the site, matches perfectly!)

*Blue sky with gold microglitters is the PEACOCK one.
(The swatch on the website is wrong: it seems NAVY BLUE...but as you can see is Sky!)

Well, now tell me what's the difference with a MAC pigment?

For me...there's no difference at all!

They last a lot, they're ultra-pigmented and you can choose lots of beautiful nuances...


They're really minerals!!!

Here you are the shop-link for the METEOR and the PEACOCK nuances:

The price of each pigment is 4.99 pounds...endless quantity and quality ;)

Next time I will review their foundations, so...stay tuned!

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