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domenica 24 ottobre 2010

Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics (ENG)

And here you are (finally) the review of Lumiere Cosmetics' samples!

I want to thank the company for sending them:
you're very kind and professional.

I warn you: it will be a long article XD

The bag arrived quickly...but I never had time to review the products (sorry about that).

The samples are exactly these:
* 2 shimmer powder eyeshadow (purple-pink)
* 1 blush (dark pink-brown)
* 1 "shimmer" foundation (porcelain)
* 1 mini-lipstick (lobster)

Let's start from Mini-Lipstick ^_^

RUBY SLIPPERS, when you open it, it has a strong smell:
It's a light liquid lipstick that doesn't stick, but it won't last a lot.

The blush is impossible to "swatch"...and it's a good thing for me:
delicate and "healty" cheeks, without the horrible stain effect!

Also the mineral foundation it's impossible to swatch...
I won't use it as foundation, but I think that it's an excellent concealer:
cover and remove all the flaws in a touch!
It's too "shimmer" for a foundation and I can't stand the white "ghost" effect!

My advice is: use the eyeshadows with a "wet" brush...if you don't you won't see them at all!

(The swatches on my hand are made only when they're wet!)

RASPBERRY MARGARITA is wonderful...bright pink with pale nuances of blue&lilac.

What do you think?

But I didn't like so much the BLUE BUTTERFLY: even wet it's "lifeless".

I like the color of the powder but I have to press (and wet) it a let it colors my eyes!

I enjoyed very much this American company and I want to thank them once again!

PS: Sorry for my "rusty" English...

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