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sabato 18 settembre 2010


Another collaboration with the amazing STAFF of LIZ EARLE!

(It 's always a pleasure ^ _ ^ I love their policy and their natural products...Cruelty Free!)

(Perfect and Quick packaging, Handwritten letter...very nice!!!)

Unfortunately they've sent me a wrong conditioner,
for oily hair...and I have them DRY LIKE A DESERT!

The shampoo is really for all hair types (from children to husbands!) and you can use it daily: me and my boyfriend confirm that!!!

We tested it about 5 days, and it's really good: it cleans a lot and it's sooo light!!!


But the conditioner is totally wrong for my hair: THEY'RE SO DRY AND DEPRESSED :(((

I would like to know the opinion of this conditioner for oily hair...because I really love this brand and I want only positive reactions!!!

Thanks a lot LIZ EARLE, hope to read you soon!

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